Three Months Package

Three Months Package

This package is for you if you need expansive tranformation across different areas of your life

During our 3 months of working together, we’ll conquer specific goals we set together, refine your progress along the way (based on what’s working well), and make sure you’re held accountable, with me empowering you all the way
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3 months of coaching and access to Vesela as your expert coach and hypnotist 

1-hour session and (2) 30-minute sessions each month. You can split this time up however you’d like 

Access to a personalized portal, pre-session workbook, call recap guides with next steps after each session, email check-ins, and feedback on progress 

Curated tools, resources, and examples to tap into along the way

Between sessions, we’ll touch base over email, and I’ll send you personalized feedback as you make progress.