One Month Package

One Month Package

This coaching package is for you if you feel stuck and want to get moving, you have a specific goal, or a life task that you need to resolve. There is something pressing that you want to address as soon and as quickly as possible.

Working together for a month will allow us to intensify and strategize major ways for you to chieve the goal you have in mind. In between each session, we'll communicate via email for check-ins, accountability and to make sure any and all questions are asked before we chat again.
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1 month of coaching and access to Vesela as your expert coach and hypnotist 

(1) 1-hour session and (2) 30-minute sessions. You can split this time up however you’d like 

Access to a personalized portal, pre-session workbook, call recap guides with next steps after each session, email check-ins and feedback on progress 

Curated tools, resources, and examples to tap into along the way 

Email support in-between sessions so you can stay on track and get accountability