One Hour Session

One Hour Session

This coaching option is for you if you feel an urgent need to address a pressing matter in your life and you need help to do that asap

This one-hour intensive session will help you sort out any knots in your life, career, or goals and get you back on track.

I’ll provide you with a game plan to follow and a to-do list that feels completely doable and will take you further in your progress. After our session, you’ll have access to my inbox for one week for follow-up questions or advice.
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(1) 1-hour session when we will explore and dive deep into your desired outcome, use a variety of techniques suitable for achieving your goal, develop actionable plan and next steps, and sort through any challenges or things currently holding you back 

A pre-session workbook to familiarize me with your goals and current challenges so we can best use the time we spend during our 1-hour session 

A post-session detailed recap with next steps to take, challenges to complete, resources and accountability practices to help you accomplish your outcome 

Access to my inbox for one week post-session for additional questions