• Let's time travel for a second...

    I'd like you to imagine being 90 years old, looking back on your life...


    That's right... What do you see? What do you feel? Were you happy, satisfied and fulfilled?


    Or are you regretting something? If you are regretting something, what is the regret about? How could you have avoided it? Perhaps you wanted to change something about yourself or your life, but you never took the step to do it?


    That's right, my dear - I want you to have as few regrets as possible, if any at all. I want you to see a deeply rich and meaningful life, a life that you love living.


    So my question to you today is this: What do you need right now in order to live the live you truly desire? Are you content and happy with who you are? Is your life balanced? Is there anything that you'd like to change about yourself or your life, so that you can be who you really want to be?


    If there is a change you'd like to make about yourself and your life, I am here to help you

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  • Welcome!

    I am Vesela and my mission is to help you transform your life, because everyone deserves a life they truly love. I can help you change your thoughts, feelings and behavior, so you can so you can become the person you want to be and overcome the challenges you might be facing at this moment. I am here to help you feel home within yourself, to connect and speak to your soul in a way you've never done before, to remember and re-dsicover how unique you are and to start loving yourself like your life depends on it.

    Whether you’re facing a particular challenge at the moment, be it in your personal or professional life, you are somewhat content and yet you feel that a piece of the puzzle is missing for you to feel complete and wholesome, or perhaps you are looking to make a big change but don’t know how and where to start – I am here to help you reach the highest levels of your potential and tap into the deepest wisdom within you.

    I am a certified Life Coach, Hypnotist as well as Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher. I am also Master and Trainer in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) at The NLP Center of New York, where I train our students to become Life coaches. In my practice I use a blend of Life coaching, Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Meditation, based on what is needed and desired. I promise to be your biggest cheerleader, to relentlessly support you and hold you accountable as you are transforming and becoming the person you truly want and deserve to be.

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  • Work with me

    Together we will identify what is that you'd like to change, what has been stopping you in making the change, and we will design a personalized action plan to help you move forward. Perhaps there is a state of mind and being that you'd like to embody, perhaps you have a goal in mind that you'd like to achieve or maybe there is something you'd like to stop thinking, feeling doing and want to start thinking, feeling, doing something else instead.


    Through our 1:1 sessions, we can pinpoint underlying subconscious beliefs, bring in clarity, and help you to shift towards your progression in a number of areas of your life.


    I am the right coach and hypnotist for you if you:

    Need help defining and achieving your goals


    Would like to lose or gain weight


    Want to eliminate unwanted habits and create new ones


    Need help resolving internal dilemmas and conflicts


    Would like to improve your confidence and self esteem


    Need to be a better communicator


    Would like to stop procrastinating


    Need to create a healthy work - life balance


    Need to manage your stress better


    Want to be able to access your inner resources at will


    Would like to overcome an addiction (smoking, food, TV, sex, etc.)


    Want to stop substance abuse


    Want to explore and align with your life purpose


    Learn how how to meditate and relax


    Would like to become more creative


    Want to eliminate certain phobias and fears


    Want to stop having anxiety and panic attacks


    Need to improve your sleep

    Want to be able to manage and relieve your pain


    Would like to revisit and overcome a traumatic childhood memory


    Release unhealthy attachment and codependent behavior


    Need to increase your focus


    Step fully in your life's mission


    Want to understand and manage your emotions better


    Need help solving a problem you are facing


    Would like to learn creative problem solving


    Would like to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs such as "I am not good at X, Y, Z"


    Need to heal conflicts with another person


    Would like to improve your fitness and exercise motivation


    Want to stop being emotionally involved with an ex partner


    Would like to develop a flow state


    Would like to model and embody a behavior of someone you really admire


    Want to improve your emotional health and well-being


    Would like to have better public speaking skills

  • Testimonials


    Bruce D.

    International Investor and Foreign Diplomat

    I have seen simply amazing results working with Vesela.

    She has a unique advantage: she's a proven all around success herself: in business, in the gym, on nutrition, and as an executive coach. She is a CBT expert with an uncanny gift for helping people break through barriers and maximize their potential.


    She has been blessed with extraordinary intuition and deep desire to help. I enthusiastically recommend working with her.



    Kay S.


    After meeting with Vesela via a Zoom call I was truly astonished at her abilities and techniques because my body and mind felt so light after just one session! It felt like a lump of emotion stuck in my being was cleared away. Something I just did not know how to overcome myself, but her "magical" techniques and abilities really helped me tap into my emotional pain and trauma even deeper.


    It was a powerful liberating moment for me and I could finally feel excitement for my future again. I will always be forever grateful to Vesela: a true professional, who cares uniquely for her clients, knowledgeable and a dedicated expert.



    Evert D.

    Fine Jewellery Designer

    Vesela has been a true gift.

    She has helped work through some very hard times.

    My key issue was smoking, Vesela made me see and understand the key issues why I was smoking and give me the tools to resist and quit smoking.

    She listens, does not judge and heals. Past, present and future she has made me see all that.



    Sasha T.

    Personal trainer

    Vesela helped me achieve a lot of my personal goals by teaching me how to expand my awareness and see the world from a different perspective. Doing so gives me a lot of confidence and also makes me much more efficient and productive. I was having problems maintaining my focus too, and my doctor prescribed me Adderall. It worked but it also made me depressed whenever I stopped taking it. Vesela showed me how to strengthen my focus with meditation, which also helped me calm my extremely dynamic mind without any medications. I would highly recommend Vesela as a life coach for everyone who wants to get to a new level of their career and life in general.



    Stephanie M.


    I wanted to thank you for calming me and giving me the insight into my body and mind that I was turning a blind eye to. Allowing me to see the light and the path I am supposed to take in my life! You opened up that door that was closing me off to seeing what was stopping me from being a powerful authentic soul! You are seriously a blessing, as an angel who was born to take care and protect and heal, spreading your love and talent to others in need of soul lifting! Your motivation, calming and super powerful words are really beautiful! You are truly blessed with talents you are able to offer others! So authentic! Thank you for being you and sharing the power of trust, truth and light!



    Faezeh R.

    Learning & Performance Manager

    I worked with Vesela on defining my goals and career path, as well as on getting and staying motivated both at work and outside work. Another result of my coaching sessions is that I am also less shy to approach other people and ask for help, which used to be a challenge for me before. Vesela also guided me through various visualization techniques and mapping methods that have allowed me to see my strengths and my opportunities for growth, and how I can make the most of them



    Hadi E.

    Musician and Entrepreneur

    I highly recommend Vesela to anyone who’s looking for a clearer and shorter path to growth. When I started with Vesela, I was overwhelmed with the many projects I was working on and a load of negative emotions. Her insights and techniques made things clearer to me. By the end of our sessions, I had more clarity and better organized plans. Expect to feel safe in a non-judgmental environment, and expect to be challenged to grow. Highly recommended experience!



    Brian W.

    Creative Director, Advertising

    My experience working with Vesela isn’t so much about what she can do for me. It’s more about what I want for myself. Any dream. Big or small. Then Vesela acts as a lightning rod to help me make it happen — leveraging the numerous, powerful tools she has at her command.


    Behavior change is something that’s baffled me throughout my life. I’ve had an on-and-off again relationship with nicotine for almost 30 years. Smoking or taking supplements, literally against my will. With Vesela’s help I’m nicotine free. I intend to continue to explore her other offerings and expertise in the future. If you have something you’d like to achieve, I’d highly recommend Vesela.

  • Ready to
    take your self and your life to the next level?


    Choosing a life coach is a very personal decision, and that is why I offer a free, no obligation 20 min consultation to get to know one another. Feel free to contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as I can


    If easier, you can also text me, please see number below